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Ageing Skin – How to reverse the signs of ageing.

At some point in our lives we will look in the mirror and start to see the early signs of ageing. Drier, dehydrated looking skin, with fine lines and wrinkles. Each of our skins will age at varying ages, this is due to genetic and biological factors, intrinsic. Hormonal changes result in the reduction in production of oestrogen, collagen and elastin which causes the skin to be less firm and we begin to see sagging particularly around the jowls and the eyes. UVA rays, and external factors, extrinsic, such as wind and extreme temperatures can cause redness and broken capillaries. Free radicals from the UVA light breaks down collagen in the skin and pigmentation patches appear giving a mottled look. As we age the skin becomes thinner and looses its tone, nourishment, density, hydration which leads to an aged worn appearance. Dark circles and puffy eyes also gives us a tired and ... Read more →