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This season is a busy one and all too often we are rushing around getting everything ready for Christmas day. It's all too easy to neglect ourselves and our skin, plus winter isn't a very forgiving time and misguided skin care routine can lead to dry, scaly skin. Would you like to hear my top 8 mistakes to avoid with our winter skincare routine? Yes? Keep reading. INCORPORATING HARSH SCRUBS It's common knowledge that exfoliating is key to brightening dull skin. However there is such a thing as too harsh when it comes to exfoliation, especially in winter. Overly harsh exfoliation in winter, when skin is dry and more sensitive, can be damaging and counterproductive. When the humidity drops, the skin’s natural barrier can be disrupted, leading to redness, itching and increased sensitivity. Swap aggressive scrubs that you may have used in the summer for gentler options such as an enzyme scrub ... Read more →