Advanced Face Mapping Chinese Diagnosis

I would like to introduce to you Face Mapping Skin Analysis; this concept was designed by The International Dermal Institute exclusively for Dermalogica. It is only through Face Mapping Skin Analysis that I can ensure the most accurate product prescription for you, my client as well as being able to offer totally customised professional treatments for targeted results.

During Face Mapping Skin Analysis your skin is looked at meticulously analysing each of the 14 zones to get an accurate reading of your skin and your concerns. During the consultation I will identify skin complaints as well as their probable cause. I will then be able to educate you and share the information, helping you understand the root cause of any problems, I will also advise you on suitable product solutions that you can use at home.

However, the root cause of skin complaints may not always become apparent during consultation and Face Mapping Skin Analysis; the skin may be manifesting an internal complaint or imbalance. When the Western skin analysis approach has been exhausted of all possibilities and you are using the correct products, I can turn to the Eastern technique of Chinese Diagnosis to try and find the information we are looking for.

In Oriental Medicine, Chinese Face Reading is a non-invasive tool that has been used for centuries in the east, often as part of medical type diagnosis. It is used to determine a patients current health status, long term health prospects, psychological and emotional profiling. The face is believed to be an indicator of health or disease, so the facial zones, skin condition, hair, eyes, skin colour and lines of the face will all show the health of the internal organs.

Treating the body both internally and externally works hand in hand. Chinese philosophies dictate that the body is like an orchestra and every organ plays its part in ensuring a healthy functioning body. If one organ is not performing well then the whole body’s harmony and internal balance will therefore be upset. These imbalances can therefore manifest on the face as various skin conditions.

Chinese diagnosis enables me to give appropriate health, lifestyle and nutritional advice to help you improve potential internal imbalances in the body. This advice along with Dermalogica homecare products can help improve your skin concerns ensuring that you achieve long-term skin results. All facials include Face Mapping Skin Analysis.

Book in for your complimentary Face Mapping Skin Analysis – Chinese Diagnosis to help you understand your skin. The session will take about 20 minutes; allow 30 minutes for the whole consultation. It will include a face chart and skin care prescription. Call now to make your booking.

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