Bright, Sparkly Party Season Skin

Its the party season and time to get our party clothes on. I want to help you achieve the most amazing bright, sparkly skin, to help you look fantastic for the party season. Here are my top 10 tips.


1. Double Cleanse your skin! –  Many people have poor cleansing habits and only spend a few seconds rubbing round their skin and then splashing with water. But cleansing is a vital step in skin health, so dedicating a whole minute  or two on your daily cleansing routine will reap you great rewards with beautiful skin. Cleanse twice the first one removes superficial dirt, grime and make-up and the second cleanse results in squeaky clean skin.

Remember to cleanse into the hair line, around the ears and down the neck, focusing on congestion if you have it.
2. Tone the Skin - Its essential to remove all traces and residue of your cleanser as it can cause the skin to congest, break out and/or become irritated. It is also the first step of hydration for the skin. Put on dry cotton wool and wipe in sweeping movements up the skin. Remember the neck too.

3. Exfoliate  - Regular exfoliation will improve the texture and brighten the skin. Its particularly good to do before a special occasion. As our skin cells renew, old surface skin cells harden and lose moisture, creating a dull, lacklustre appearance that can cause clogging and congestion. And as we age, damaged, contaminated cells don’t always fall from the skin. Exfoliation reveals newer cells for a fresher and healthier appearance. There are two types physical which use friction to remove the dead skin cells, though  the use of a tool such as a brush, or sponge, or a gentle abrasive (such as corn Cob Meal or Rice Bran or Oatmeal) The other method is chemical which dissolves the intercellular ‘glue’ that attaches cells to the surface. Hydroxy acids, Salicilyic Acid, Retinol and enzymes (proteins that break the chemical bonds of older cells and ‘digest’ them) are a few examples of chemical exfoliants. Sometimes they can be a mixture of the two. Remember the neck too!

4. Moisturise and Hydrate - Moisturising the skin is essential for a healthy glowing skin, but you will need to determine your skin type,is it dry, oily or a combination? Both dry and dehydrated skin can experience irritation and itchiness. A feeling of tightness or tautness, a look or feel of roughness. It may also have slight to severe flaking and scaling, fine lines, cracks that can sometimes bleed and look red. Oily skin is shiny in appearance and can often be accompanied by spots, and blackheads. Dehydrated skin is not a skin type but condition that can affect all skin types, it lacks water so the best way to treat a dehydrated skin is to exfoliate and introduce products that are rich in moisture and contains humectants, such as cross linked Hyaluronic Acid. Dry skin on the other hand requires products containing more oil. Oily skin will need Oil free products but still may be dehydrated so you will still need to use a moisturiser. Remember the neck too!

5. Use an Eye Cream - Always use an eye cream as this area tends to be more dry than the rest of the skin due to the lack of sebaceous glands and can show signs of ageing quicker. Therefore a nourishing eye cream is essential and will feed and hydrate the delicate skin area, using one with an SPF is even better to protect the skin.

6. Masks - Using a mask before any party or special occasion is a great pick me up for the skin, many will contain essential oils and vitamins to treat, soothe and hydrate the skin. But be sure to choose one suited to  your skin type/condition. Put it on a few hours before going out, leave on for 10 minutes then wash off, remember to tone afterwards.

7. Make- Up Primers - Priming the skin with a skin primer helps prepare the skin for the make-up. Think of a primer before painting wood. It will smooth the skin, filling in any irregularities  and smoothing out the texture creating a perfect canvas for the make over.

8. Sheer Tint or Foundation - Choose either a sheer tint which gives a light wash of colour or a foundation that has more coverage. Choose  products that are the right colour for your skin tone, always try it out on your jaw line not your wrist as the skin colour will be different, never go paler than you are as this will create an aged look! Ensure your products, moisturise the skin, and do not contain Artificial Colours, Artificial, fragrances, S.D Alcohol, Mineral Oil, Lanolin or PABA all of these nasty ingredients can irritate and cause congestion and breakouts in the skin.

9. Spritz the skin - Spritzing the skin with a toner after the application of make-up will help seal your make up, helping it stay on for longer. Hold the spritzer at arms length and use one with a fine spray.

10. Professional Skin Care Treatment - Last but by no means least book in to see a  Professional Skin Care Therapist who can do a skin analysis for you and recommend treatments and products to suit your skins needs. Many people falsely believe that skin care is not a necessity but rather a luxury. But skin is the largest living organ we have and its function is to protect us be the ‘top coats’ of our bodies – it deserves to be kept as healthy and vital as possible.

So there you have it bright, sparkly skin all set for the party season. Have fun!!

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