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5 important aspects of treating ageing skin

5 important aspects of treating ageing skin Understanding the many products and ingredients available to treat ageing skin can be very confusing and often intimidating! I suggest you look for products that address 5 important aspects of treating the skin. 1. Products that Quenches Free Radicals (unstable molecules that break down collagen and elastin) 2. Inhibits MMP'S (Matrix Metalloproteinase,) these degrade our collagen and elastin 3. Ingredients to Stimulate cell renewal and cell turnover, this slows as we age. 4. Stimulates collagen synthesis remember we are losing 1% of collagen from our dermis every year after our 30th birthday! 5. Hydrate and reinforce the barrier lipid layer that protects our tissues and skin that keeps the lower layers nicely hydrated. Dermalogica have formulated the AGE smart™ to address all of these aspects. AGE Smart® contains scientifically advanced ingredients proven to impact the major biochemical reactions that contribute to skin ageing before they start, so your skin is left smoother, firmer and ... Read more →

Advanced Face Mapping Chinese Diagnosis

I would like to introduce to you Face Mapping Skin Analysis; this concept was designed by The International Dermal Institute exclusively for Dermalogica. It is only through Face Mapping Skin Analysis that I can ensure the most accurate product prescription for you, my client as well as being able to offer totally customised professional treatments for targeted results. During Face Mapping Skin Analysis your skin is looked at meticulously analysing each of the 14 zones to get an accurate reading of your skin and your concerns. During the consultation I will identify skin complaints as well as their probable cause. I will then be able to educate you and share the information, helping you understand the root cause of any problems, I will also advise you on suitable product solutions that you can use at home. However, the root cause of skin complaints may not always become apparent during consultation and Face ... Read more →