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5 Anti-ageing Facials

This programme has been put together to give you the maximum optimum anti-ageing benefits. They can be taken at any time however they are particularly good to have leading up to a Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, Photo-shoot, after having a baby or any special occasion as these are all times when we want to look and feel our best. The programmes combine a selection of skin treatments to give you visible results.

They concentrate on: 
  • Providing the skin with anti-oxidants to fight further damage to the skin
  • Replenishing the oxygen levels in the skin cells
  • Stimulating new collagen and elastin fibres (the building block of the skin)
  • Increasing cell turnover in the epidermis to reveal brighter younger skin
  • Reducing and minimising fine lines and wrinkles

Week 1. Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion

Week 2. Oxygen Facial

Week 3. Glow Skin Beauty Flower Facial

Week 4. Caci Non Surgical Face Lift

Week 5. Glo Skin Beauty Facial with Peel (chosen for your specific skin requirements)










Book in for a complimentary skin care consultation to discuss which programmes meets your specific and immediate skin care needs, bespoke programmes can be made up for you.