IPL Permanent Hair ReductionSmooth hair free skin

IPL Permanent Hair Reduction

Now available in courses of 3 or 6

Hair-free and smooth skin needn’t be a daily pain. Pulsar IPL delivers safe bursts of light which are absorbed by the melanin in your hair, destroying the follicle from the root with minimum discomfort and no side effects. Results are effective, long lasting, quick, virtually pain-free and clinically safe. See long lasting results after 6 – 8 sessions. A course of treatments is required and is individual to each client. 

How does IPL work?

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light.  This treatment involves shooting light pulses on the part of the body to be depilated using a wavelength spectrum matched to your skin and hair type.  The light energy is immediately converted into heat by the melanin (pigment) in the hair. This is channelled along the shaft of the hair down to the root and the underlying germ cells.  The thermal reaction here causes irreversible damage to the nutrient cells of the hair root – which is now unable to produce any more hairs.

What happens during a treatment?
The treatment commences with a consultation. The area for treatment is then cleaned and marked-up.  An ultra sound gel is applied to the skin to act as a conductor for the light and keep the skin cool during the procedure.  You will be required to wear goggles to protect your eyes. A hand-held IPL device and will aim to create a PAINFREE experience by adjusting the machine settings to your individual requirement.
Some redness or swelling is normal after treatment and tea tree lotion is applied to the area to soothe the skin.
Is it painful?
Removing hair has a reputation for being painful due to associations with waxing treatments or older models of laser machines.  The Pulsar IPL treatment options allows me to adjust the settings to give a PAINFREE experience to suit your individual requirements.
How many treatments are required?
At your consultation you will be advised how many treatments are required.  In general 6-12 treatments are required for effective permanent removal of hair. However everyone is different and the number of treatments required depends on the area being treated and the individual’s skin and hair type.
How often do you have to come back for treatments?
Treatments are conducted on a 4-6 week basis.  To guarantee successful permanent hair removal it is essential that you follow the treatment programme, attend all the appointments at regular intervals and complete the course of treatments.
Prices are a guide only and depend on area size and hair density.
Treatment  Single Treatment Course of 3  (10% off ) Course of 6 (10% off)
Consultation £20.00
Lip or Chin £45.50 £122.85 £227.50      
Lip and Chin £82.00 £221.40 £410.00
Cheeks Sides of Face £117.00 £315.90 £585.00    
Chin and Neck £146.00 £394.20 £730.00      
Underarms £90.00 £243.00 £450.00
Hands and fingers £135.00 £364.50 £675.00     
Full arms £252.00 £680.40 £1’260.00  
Lower/Upper arms £135.00 £364.50 £675.00     
Abdomen £117.00 £315.90 £585.00      
Nipples £72.00 £194.40 £360.00
Bikini – Standard £95.50 £257.85 £479.50    
Bikini – Extended £112.50 £303.75 £562.50  
Bikini Brazilian £162.00 £437.74 £810.00    
Buttocks £108.00 £291.60 £540.00    
Legs – Half £198.00 £534.60 £990.00    
Legs – Full £423.00 £1’142.10 £2’115.00    
Feet and Toes £135.00 £364.50 £675.00      
Upper cheeks £117.00 £315.90 £585.00      
Nose £45.50 £122.85 £227.50      
Full Beard £225.00 £607.50 £1’125.00
Front Neck £135.00 £364.50 £675.00      
Back Neck £135.00 364.50 £675.00      
Shoulders £72.00 £194.40 £360.00      
Lower Back £225.00 £607.50 £1’125.00    
Upper Back £225.00 £607.50 £1’125.00    
Full Back £405.00 £1’093.50 £2’025.00    
Chest £144.00 £388.80 £720.00      
Abdomen £117.00 £315.90 £585.00      

Preparation before treatment:

  • Do not pluck, wax, use a depilatory or have electrolysis on the areas to be treated for 4 weeks before treatment.
  • Do not tan the areas to be treated for 4 weeks before treatment.
  • Avoid spray tan/self-tan treatments for 4 weeks before treatment.
  • STOP using Accutane 6 months before treatment – please advise therapist if you have ever taken Accutane and when as this medication may make your skin more prone to damage by laser treatment.

Care after treatment:

  • You may experience some redness and swelling in the treated area and this is normal – this will fade quickly.
  • You will be able to commence your daily activities immediately after treatment as no down time is required.
  • Do not use deodorant/antiperspirant 24-48 hours after treatment.
  • Use a SPF over the treatment area for 6 weeks after treatment.
  • Avoid use of harsh irritants eg exfoliants, glycolics and retinols on area for 7 days after treatment.

Contra-indications to IPL treatments:

  • During pregnancy
  • Tattooed skin
  • Users of the drug Accutane

What to do now?

  • Book your consultation –  A consultation fee of £20.00 is redeemable against a treatment or course of treatments.
  • A patch test will be performed during the consultation to ensure you are eligible for the treatment.
  • Arrange your course of Permanent Hair Removal treatments.
  • Look forward to enjoying the benefits of being hair free.

What my customers say…

“IPL definitely works, before I found IPL I had to book myself in for a wax session each month for my legs and bikini area and I had to shave under my arms.  I also endured regular electrolysis sessions for my chin and upper lip!  To get the best results I had to go for around 6-12 sessions for each area but now only have to go occasionally for what I would call bits and pieces.  There is a little discomfort but nowhere near the discomfort I endured each month from waxing or electrolysis.  So good has the treatment been that I totally take for granted my hairless legs and underarms, and find myself surprised when the occasional hair appears.” – Ros Starkey, Ashtead, Surrey 

“I had IPL on my upper lip, which is now completely clear of hair. I am now having IPL on my chin. The treatment is carried out in relaxing atmosphere. Lorraine is very experienced and professional.” – Liz Mumford, Dorking, Surrey