With my expertise every treatment is prescribed to your specific needs. My healing & relaxing treatment room is where touch and technology are turbo charged by the power of minerals, vitamins, and plant actives. All the treatments I have developed are designed to support beautiful, healthy, clear skin; to respect that the skin is alive and no two skins or bodies are the same. My treatments are personalised for you to achieve results, a couture experience.

I am now am offering my skin treatments in London, Chiswick. Please see the menu on the right side of the treatment menu or on the information page.

Book in today for your skin consultation and allow me look after your skin, your beauty treatments and enhance your feeling of well-being!

Lorraine Hart 

Skin Care Expert

Dorking: 01306 877071  07823449714

Chiswick: 020 8994 5822  07823449714




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